The influence of reciprocity in father child relationships on professional position in the workplace, self esteem and levels of hostility

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Cox, Kieran
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Existing research has shown that parents influence their children in terms of the career choices they make. This study investigated whether parental influences, specifically reciprocity with the father, have any effect on the advancement within the workforce when the child reaches adulthood. Other parental influences on self esteem and levels of hostility have also been shown to carry forward into adult life and this study investigated whether there is a relationship between these variables and the position attained within the workforce. Results from this study indicate there is no significant difference in levels of reciprocity with the father between the three groups ‘Administration’, ‘Technical’ and ‘Managerial’ (F (2,83) = 1.79, p = 0.17), that there was a strong negative significant relationship between Hostility and Self Esteem (r (83) = 0.53, p < 0.01), the relationship between Reciprocity and Self Esteem was positive; however the result was not statistically significant, and the relationship between Reciprocity and Hostility was negative and not significant