Investigating the Role of Blockchain Technology in Ireland; Enhancing Trust and Security in Digital Marketing Transactions

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Ali, Sajjad
Issue Date
MSc in Management Practice
Dublin Business School
This paper investigates how blockchain technology affects Ireland's online advertising. It concentrates on building trust and safety in internet dealings. By closely looking at how digital marketing is done now, where money goes and trust relationships are involved. The study shows what blockchain could do in future. It highlights how this technology can build openness and trust without the need for a central boss. Even though there are problems with making something big, the study says we need to quickly include blockchain in our systems. This will help us use things such as smart contracts faster than ever before. Working together with experts in digital marketing and blockchain is shown. This stresses the importance of being flexible while dealing with changing situations. The study suggests making rules that can be changed to solve problems and keep up with fast-changing tech standards. This will help make a safe digital marketing world.