Innovative mobile application, Weather Wear: Where wardrobe meets the weather conditions.

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Sharma, Rhythm
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MSc Information Systems with Computing
Dublin Business School
The "Weather Wear" application represents a groundbreaking fusion of real-time weather forecasting and digital wardrobe management. This innovative app utilises cutting-edge technologies such as Expo, React JS, and Firebase, alongside a complimentary Weather API, to deliver a user-centric and intuitive experience. Key features include an organised digital wardrobe, tailored clothing recommendations based on current weather conditions, and an easy-to-use UI. The report describes the development process, technological infrastructure, and the app's unique features. It focuses on the app's cross-platform interoperability and smart algorithm for outfit recommendation. Future improvements, such as geolocation capabilities, configurable user profiles, and a social networking component, are being discussed. The application uniquely addresses the everyday challenge of selecting suitable attire in fluctuating weather scenarios, exemplifying a creative merger of technology and daily life conveniences.