Enhancing Financial Inclusion in Rural India through Fintech Application

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Jain, Aman
Issue Date
MSc in Financial Technology (Fintech)
Dublin Business School
This research investigates the dynamic landscape of financial inclusion in rural India through the lens of Financial Technology (FinTech). Utilizing a comprehensive approach, the study explores the impact of FinTech applications on bridging the financial gap in underserved communities. Through surveys and regression analyses, the research examines demographic factors, attitudes, and challenges influencing the adoption of FinTech services. The findings highlight a positive inclination towards FinTech adoption, with respondents expressing faith in its potential to enhance financial inclusion and increase household income. Language barriers, limited access to technology, and security concerns emerge as significant challenges. The proposed solution introduces a hypothetical multilingual FinTech app to address language obstacles, emphasizing inclusivity. The study contributes novel insights into the intersection of technology, financial inclusion, and socio-economic dynamics in rural India, offering valuable recommendations for policymakers, businesses, and FinTech developers to foster a more inclusive and sustainable financial ecosystem.