An investigation into the effects of blogging as an advertising tool in influencing purchase intention

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Greenalgh, Darragh
Issue Date
MSc in Digital Marketing
Dublin Business School
In recent years blogs have become a popular source of advertising and a trusted source for consumers to refer to during their decision-making process. However, little research has paid close attention to the impact of different blog types on purchase intention and their advertising effectiveness. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of blogs as an advertising tool and to examine the impact they have on consumer purchase intention. Using a mono method study and a deductive research approach the results of a survey involving 108 participants was analysed and indicated that trust in the blogger had a significantly influential effect on blog users’ attitude towards the brand and purchase intention. The findings also demonstrated that the effectiveness of advertising can be determined by the interaction effect of blog type and product type. The results suggest the use of bloggers to be a promising marketing strategy for increasing sales.