A Dissertation on How Nurse Empowerment Can Enhance Efficiency in the Healthcare Setting

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Prajapati, Dhairy
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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This study used the quantitative approach to ascertain how the concept of nurse empowerment has been used to foster effectiveness Mater Miscoridie Hospital. According to the findings, the Empowerment dimensions at Mater Hospital are not sufficient and the Mechanisms of Nurse Empowerment at Mater Hospital are not implemented appropriately. The study indicated that the empowering nurses increase the performance of nurses. Hypothesis one which states that that the hindrances of nurse empowerment at Mater Hospital can be eradicated by the management is true is true according to the findings of the study. The study indicates that Hypothesis two which states that the involvement of nurses in the organizational activities empowers them to give the best to the healthcare organization is true in the context of Mater Miscoridie Hospital. Furthermore, Hypothesis three which states that the empowerment of nurses increases the efficiency of a healthcare organization is true according to the findings of the study. The study indicates that an environment full of trust can be created by transparency and keep promises made to employees during their performance. Employee involvement in decision making on matters pertaining their tasks and departments enhances competence in their performance. Furthermore, the findings showed that the involvement instills in the employee the feeling of ownership of the organization which encourages improvement in performance and production of employees. It is recommended that the managers at Mater Hospital should be prompt in giving the workers the feedback of their performance so that they rectify their mistakes and improve their performance. Through the feedbacks, communication within the organization is complete and the management identifies the workers weak fields and lays emphasis on them during training and correction sessions. During the process, the management can gather the reactions of the employees on their performance and they can guide them accordingly and the move improves productivity in the organization. Author keywords: Hospital, Empowerment, Nurse