A comparative study on the correlation of alcoholism and family disintegration

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Mathai, Johnson Kooliparambil
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MA in Addiction Studies
Dublin Business School
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The main focus of the study was concerned with the correlation of alcoholism on family disintegration among diverse socio-cultural groups. The study aimed at finding out the impact of parental alcoholism on children. The current research was descriptive, exploratory, quantitative, correlational and between subject design. The total number of participants who took part in the research was 74 in number including both male and female participants. The participants were selected from Dublin area using convenience sampling technique. Each and every participant completed the self-reporting questionnaire measuring the demographic factors, parental alcoholism, level of self-esteem and interpersonal problems such as, assertiveness, sociability, submissiveness, intimacy, responsibility and controlling ability of the participants. Parental alcoholism was the criterion variable and self-esteem; assertiveness, sociability, submissiveness, intimacy, responsibility and the ability to control were the predictor variables. The current research tests the relationship between parental alcoholism and self-esteem and other interpersonal problems of the children. The results have shown a positive correlation between the hypotheses and the findings. The first finding was that there was a significant relationship between alcoholism of the parents and the self-esteem of the children. The second and third research findings were that the correlation between parental alcoholism and religion and ethnicity were comparatively moderate in nature. The last and final research finding was that there was a significant relationship between the self-esteem of the participants and their interpersonal skills such as assertiveness, sociability, submissiveness, intimacy, responsibility, and controlling ability.