Shaping the minds of tomorrow. A study to investigate gender bias and gender awareness in classroom management

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Murphy, Deirdre
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this study was to examine gender awareness in the classroom. It was a within subjects design, and the study utilized a three-page questionnaire, consisting primarily of simple true/false answers. The questionnaires were given to 100 participants; they aimed to examine whether teachers were aware of gender discrimination within the classroom, and whether they themselves used gender biased practices to teach, or harboured gender biased views of their students. Their choice of answer to gender-relevant questions determined how discriminatory their viewpoints were. The results were correlated using SPSS Independent Samples T-Tests and Non-Parametric Chi-Squares. The findings were analysed to draw comparisons between teachers of single and mixed sex schools and male V. female teachers. The overall results supported the hypoFinal Year Project, proving that the majority of teachers are not aware of gender bias occurring in classrooms, but actually use gender biased practices themselves. The results were then discussed, as were possible solutions to improve the issue of gender bias in education.