Amplifying the voices of the marginalised

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Buggle, Jane
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Dublin Business School
This presentation describes the Studies in Arts and Humanities Journal (SAHJ) Special Issue on Minorities and Indigenous People which was published by the DBS Library Press to commemorate the official recognition of the ethnicity of Irish Travellers by the Irish Government in 2017. DBS Library press is a cross-institutional, open access, inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, academic publishing press which publishes peer-reviewed academic work by undergraduate and postgraduate students alongside that of faculty and practitioners. To date, the Press has published two journals, Studies in Arts and Humanities Journal and the DBS Business Review. Both journals are indexed on the DOAJ and EBSCO and ProQuest databases. The special issue of SAHJ was librarian-edited as well as library published, marking the movement of librarian into the area of content commissioning and creation as well as content curation. Submissions were solicited and papers were received from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, Cambridge University, Monash University, University of Auckland, University of Hawaii, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Content related to the following ethnic minorities: Irish Travellers, Māori, Aborigines, Lakota Nation and Roma. Open access library publishing offers a powerful platform for the voices of minorities and indigenous people, and other marginalised groups, who are so often excluded from discourses that concern them.