Big brother, little brother : US-Israeli relations in the 21st century

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Gordon, Eamonn
Issue Date
BA (Hons) Arts
Dublin Business School
This dissertation is an examination of the way and means in which the governments and citizens of the United States of America and Israel interact with each other. It is centred on the argument that despite the strong political, cultural and economic ties between the two nations, the US provides an unbalanced amount of unilateral support to Israel which has detrimental effects for all parties involved; the United States, Israel, the Middle East region in general, and numerous members of the international community. To support this argument the Final Year Project will examine a number of areas within the realm of the US-Israeli relationship, including: Economic and military aid provided to Israel on behalf of the US; Washington’s diplomatic protection of Israel from international sanction; the role of the pro-Israel lobby in American politics and how it shapes public discourse on relations between the two countries; and the United States’ role in the Israeli military occupation of Palestine. The conclusion of the Final Year Project will serve to summarize the overall argument of the paper and offer possible amendments to the relationship for the betterment of all parties involved.