A study of VOIP technology getting preference over international calling cards

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Siddappa, Naveen Kallimane
Issue Date
MA of Business Administration (International)
Dublin Business School
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In this globalised world where population is at the rise and there is always a need seen in terms of effective communication systems, technologies are becoming increasingly obsolete. This is predominantly for the reason that new technologies are invented which sometimes gradually overtake the old ones or otherwise totally gets replaced. The purpose of this study was to understand the perceptions of International Students based in Ireland in relation to the newly invented VOIP technology and whether they prefer the VOIP technology over the telephone calling cards which were earlier increasingly used for making long distance international calls. A primary research was conducted using qualitative and quantitative techniques among the International students from Dublin Business School. Two focus group interviews were conducted and Sixty nine International students were approached within the area of the sample population with predetermined criterions and were requested to fill up the self administered questionnaires during the month of January 2009. The outcome from the focus groups and questionnaires were used in assessing the perceptions towards the usage of VOIP technology and it replacing the calling cards. The results revealed that respondents felt that Calling Cards and VOIP technology both have questionable potential towards reliability issues. The respondents felt that undoubtedly VOIP technology has much better value for money compared to Calling cards as they are very competitive in whatever countries they are operating. The respondents felt, although not in a majority that the voice qualities in Calling cards are better compared to the VOIP technology. The respondents also felt that compared to Calling cards the VOIP technology providers provided better value for money in terms of providing value added services like discounts on calling for some countries and tailor made services to individual customers depending on their call density and choice of countries. Finally, most of the respondents in a majority felt that flexibility was another issue besides the value for money aspect which made them use VOIP technology compared to Calling cards.