A study examining levels of motivation, job satisfaction. and stress within the public sector.

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Montgomery, Dave
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This study examines relationships between motivation, job satisfaction and stress of public sector staff focussing on employment length, nature of employment and education. Participants (public sector (n=54) private sector (n=39)) completed a survey including the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire, Facet-specific Job Satisfaction scale, Intrinsic Job Motivation scale, Perceived Stress Scale and Rosenberg's Self Esteem Scale. Aspects of job satisfaction were affected by previous employments, education and stress. Motivation levels were associated with education. Stress appears negatively correlated to job satisfaction and self-esteem. No significant differences were due to the nature of employment. Conclusions must be taken with caution due to the small sample size and timing issues. The interactions of motivation, job satisfaction, stress and self-esteem are worthy of further research.