Talent management in Ireland : an exploratory study into how companies in Ireland manage talent in their organisations

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Koscianska, Anna
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MA Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Talented people are the source of competitive advantage and if managed properly they can make a difference to an overall business performance. Talent management is a concept that helps organisations manage their human potential and get the best of it. The title of this dissertation ‘Talent Management in Ireland: An exploratory study into how companies in Ireland manage talent in their organisations is followed by the research question ‘to explore contemporary talent management process as it is practiced in Ireland’. This dissertation attempts to define talent management, to explore its main theories and concepts, to identify the key issues and barriers associated with the successful talent management, to identify the best practices of talent management and to identify practitioners’ perspective on talent management in Ireland. The research found that talent management is a developing process in Ireland especially in the Public Sector. There are gaps between theory and practice that are noticeable within an Irish context. There is much to be done in the Public Sector as recruitment freeze and legislation are on the way to a successful implementation of talent management. Furthermore, the researcher found that in Ireland the aim for the further development of talent management is full implementation of the process within organisations. The research project points out the lack of one clear definition of talent management and assistance for practitioners which may be the reason why talent management is not well developed in Ireland. Author keywords: Talent management, talent management in Ireland, managing talent, managing potential