A study of ergonomics with relation to HCI within the workplace

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Quinn, Aisling
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Business Information Management
Dublin Business School
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An Ergonomically friendly environment is essential within the workplace as it promotes higher staff morale, less: absences amongst employees from the workplace; due to pain felt from working on a computer and increased productivity, which ultimately increases profitability. Ergonomics is about ‘fit’ within a working environment. It is essential that employees are aware of ergonomics which enables them to consider the health and safety aspects when operating computers. Only when end users are aware of all aspects of ergonomics can companies benefit from an ergonomically friendly environment within the workplace. This dissertation bas been divided into two main sections. The first section concerns Ergonomics and the second section is concerned with Human Computer Interaction. Even though each of these sections is large in themselves and could have a whole dissertation dedicated to them; they are related to each other. Ergonomics and HCI are related to each other because ergonomics is the working environment the end user is operating within and HCI is the interaction the end user actually has with the computer system. The computer is the sole physical interface between the end user and the information, which they are inputting into the computer system.