Customer relationship management in the traditional retail banks in France

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Liu, Elise
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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Transparency, honesty, consideration, competence, proximity are the guarantees that any company must provide to its customers. The banking sector is no exception to the rule. In these difficult times of financial crisis, the relationship between financial institutions and their customers is complicated dangerously. It is time to restore the confidence between the two parties. Easier said than done, however, the task is not simple. Furthermore, the explosion of media communication and new technologies is another stone to put in an already difficult situation to build customer relationship. Today, the multichannel management for traditional banks are a reality that institutions cannot and should not ignore. Faced with intense competition, especially the evolution of Internet banking, to put the customer in the centre has never been so important. In order to achieve this, traditional banks must put the customer in the centre of their strategy. They use marketing (relationship marketing) to redefine information about current and potential customers to anticipate, respond and exceed to their needs. This practice is known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), where the main objective is to help companies and financial institutes achieve and sustain competitiveness. The researcher intended to address this fact within this dissertation and to understand whether the traditional retail banks are competitive towards the Internet banking and if the CRM have a positive impact on the customer loyalty in traditional banking? The study could contribute to the bank managers in France in order to help them in their actual strategy and the orientation of their future strategy. However the study could also be useful for bank managers in other countries. Author keywords: CRM, traditional banking, online banking services