Investigating the differences in working memory recall of poker-players and non poker-players

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Diffney, Hugh
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The aim of the current study was to investigate poker players working-memory recall in card specific recall tasks and non-card specific recall tasks. A between subjects design was utilised. 42 all male participants were used with 22 being experienced poker players and 20 being unexperienced poker players. With an age range between 19-45 with the mean being 31.5. Participants were given recall tasks specific to cards and tasks not specifically related to cards. These groups were made up of 21 participants with 11 being experienced poker players and 10 being non-poker players. A one way between-subject ANOVA was used to test the 2 hypotheses the first that poker playing experience would result in an increase in working memory recall tasks specific to card memory (df= 1; f=79.261; p= .000); and that both poker players and non-poker players will have the same level of recall on a non-poker specific task (df= 1 ; f= .619; p=.436). Results were discussed with regards to methodological flaws, and their practical and future implications.