Why training and development is more important in airline industry? A case of Indigo Airline.

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Beena, Abin Anil Kumar
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Dublin Business School
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Training and development has become very crucial in the airlines sector as the concerns related to safety and comforts of passengers are executed effectively. All the employees of Indigo Airlines in different department had received adequate training which helps the airline to be the best in the global range. The importance of training and development of the employees assist the business to increase the quality of service and productivity. In the airlines sector, the training to employees helps to deliver quality service. The research aims to evaluate the importance of training and development for the airlines staffs. The research is also intended to examine the needs of training and development in the airline industry, to identify the challenges and issues that affect the services of the airline industry and to recommend the ways that can help to overcome the challenges of the airline industry. Mixed research approach has been taken into consideration which comprises of both primary and secondary data analysis which helps the observer in performing the study efficiently. Secondary source from books, journal articles, online news articles, and peer reviews were utilised whereas primary sources such as questionnaire survey from the employees and interview of the managers were adopted. From the primary data analysis, it has been interpreted that most of the employees has availed the training process of the firm to regulate with the concern of safety and comfort of the customer. Crew resources planning are very strong for Indigo Airlines which provides an opportunity for the firm to be best. Training also assists the employees for identifying the field of improvement which assist the staff to gain skills ad attributes for their future growth.