An exploration into the psychotherapeutic treatment of orthorexia nervosa from a feminine perspective

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Morrin, Fionnuala
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Dublin Business School
Higher Diploma
The aim of this dissertation is not only to investigate the presenting symptoms of the condition known as orthorexia nervosa (ON). It also seeks to understand the underlying structures that may be sustaining this form of disordered eating. To date the relationship between obsessive–compulsive disorder and orthorexia nervosa has not been sufficiently examined. Through a psychoanalytic lens, the author looks at how the creation of the obsessional structure could be used to explore and understand new eating disorders. The research examines how a psychodynamic perspective could be used to treat this clientele. Furthermore, the dissertation will consider the social discourse surrounding eating disorders and how a feminine approach can be used to bridge the gap, between psyche and soma in the quest for wholeness.