The emphasis on green supply chain management from an environmental perspective and its perceived impact on management in the Brazilian automotive industry

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Ribas, Camila Ferreira
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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The research contains a detailed discussion about the Green Supply Chain Management concepts, how are they being applied considering the Brazilian Automotive market and relate it to some market information. The concepts base was discussed and listed at Literature Review that provided a basis to construct a questionnaire which was answered by professional that are active at automotive industry in Brazil. The responses allowed to rank the companies into categories considering how much the Brazilian automotive industry is engaged in accomplish the green concept in a sight of their employees. Technical issues were considered to construct the ranking and eighteen companies were analysed. According to the ranking, three companies in each of the categories were selected according to the methodology and compared in relation to their market data that was available. The researched provided a picture of Green Supply Chain Management at Brazilian automotive industry considering the professionals views, and also how does the market react to the industries choices in relation to environmental concerns and main attitudes.