The Impact FinTech is having on the Financial Services Industry in Ireland

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Gibson, John
Issue Date
MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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The world has seen a dramatic change in our everyday lives due to the advancements in technology. Every one of us has been affected or influenced with the latest technology in a variety of ways. The financial services industry is no different and over the past decade has witnessed reform in regulation and the way in which traditional financial services interact with consumers. Part of this reform has come from the advances in financial technology or as the new ambiguous word of FinTech as it’s now known. FinTech is already revolutionising the industry as hundreds of new start-ups design new innovative financial products and services for customers. These new entrants are challenging the traditional financial services model or framework. The research is to look further into the financial services industry and gain a much greater insight into where the industry is now and where it’s going in the future. The thesis will aim get an understanding and develop further expert insight into FinTech and its affect that it’s having on the financial services industry. At the beginning of the paper the researcher will analyse academic books, journals, newspaper articles and corporate business papers produced by industry experts. The research is a qualitative study which involved six interviews from industry experts within the financial services industry and FinTech. These interviews will provide direct insight with an overview of the financial services industry currently. To analyse what impact FinTech has already had on the industry and is going to have in future. One of the key objectives is to understand whether FinTech will disrupt the financial services here in Ireland or will it collaborate with the existing providers. Author keywords: Financial services, FinTech