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Dumpala, Saikrishna
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MSc in Information Systems with Computing
Dublin Business School
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Recently, the use of chatbots has progressed exponentially in diverse areas, including marketing, help networks, schooling, cultural heritage, entertainment and many more. One of the major and substantial aspects of this paper in which the chatbot eases the lives of people is healthcare.Chatbot and health have a history of working well together. The Check-it-chatbot can assist individuals with COVID-19 and SARS as well as many common disease-related queries. As well as help individuals select a language according to their choice (English, Hindi, French, Japanese, Chinese). Query received from users is analyzed and checked in the database for appropriate result and then result then displayed back to the user. There are three levels of Databases inside the Check-it-chat .JSON files as the primary database .TXT files as secondary and Wolframalpha as the third level database. The purpose of the research is to establish an atmosphere where reliable and suitable information and data can be shared between users and the system. It creates a good human-like conversational environment for interaction between the user and the system.