Bullying behind bars : nature, incidence and correlates of bully / victim problems among Irish female prisoners

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Fairbairn, Selena
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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Bully/victim problems are a worldwide problem (Smith & Brain, 2000). Whilst quite a lot had been learnt about the nature, incidence and correlates of such cross-national problems in schools (see Smith, Morita, Junger-Tas, Olweus, Catalanno, & Slee for a review) and workplaces (see McGuckin & Lewis, 2003 for a review of the Irish literature), little empirical attention has been directed towards prisons. The current research explored the nature, incidents and correlates of bully/victim problems among a sample of female prisoners in Ireland. Preliminary analyses replicate and extend the scant literature base in this area. Theoretical, methodological and practical issues are illuminated in the relation to this emerging area of scholarly enquiry.