Analyzing the Commercialization of Micro Financing Business in India

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Pareek, Tilak
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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Micro financing business is becoming a major sector in the economic development of developing countries. The main area that the researcher has chosen is “Analyzing the commercialization of Micro Financing in India”. In order to give the readers a more clear knowledge of the study, the background of the study is presented, where the researcher has described how it helps in evading poverties. In the literature review part, the study contains the overall concept of the microfinance and commercialization of micro financing institutions. In addition it can be assured that the techniques that have been introduced in the research, provide results as per. Now, in order to talk about research philosophy, it would be appropriate to say that the researcher has taken up positivism philosophy, which helps to know the actual research process. The researcher has presented various models of microfinance to provide the readers knowledge over the current trend pursued by Indian microfinance institutions. Research methodology part contains all the information about the approaches, strategies and designs that the researcher has taken to conduct the study. Data analysis part of the study analyses the gathered data. As the data have been gathered through the questionnaires, the questions that were asked in the survey have been presented accordingly. It has been found that the most of the respondents have acknowledged the commercialization a positive step by the institution if the institutions pursue ethical practices. In the conclusion chapter the researcher has reflected all the recommendations and an overall conclusion of the study as per. For each of the objectives the research has given information as per tin the objective link part of that chapter. The overall recommendation of the study is also present. At last the limitations and the future scope of the study is given. Author keyworeds: Micro finance