Individuals and social network sites (SNS) in Irish society

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Agbalusi, Chika
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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Despite how occupied our lives are and how spread out our families have become, the term social networking seems inevitable since it is now a place where new social connections both personal and professional are made (Waters, 2010,). As social networking sites become more embedded in daily life worldwide, they will play a more important role in our life (Kert, 2011). In this study, sixty females (N=60) and sixty males (N=60) were surveyed. The sample selected consisted of people 18 years and older. The present findings showed that 41.7 % of males have been members of SNS for 1year to less than 3years while 53.3% of females have been a member of SNS for 1year to less than 3years. In addition, a significant positive strong correlation was found between the relevance of social network sites and social network site being inevitable in the society (r =.515, N = 120, p<. 01). Author keywords: Computer mediated communication, social network site (SNS)