Brave : the new face of princesses?

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Breen, Aisling
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BA (Hons) in Film Studies
Dublin Business School
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Pixar made history when they made their first princess, first period feature and first fairy tale all in one film. Brave is that coming of age film that I will be looking at. I shall have an in-depth look at how animation has developed over the years. I want to discover where the idea of Merida being a lesbian came from and if it is true. I’m going to explore how audiences received it, whether it was good or bad and why. Where did the concept even come from? How did its female heroin differ from the previous Disney made princesses and was it right road to take? Brave is a film that will be remembered whether you liked it or not. Brave is the studio's densest and arguably most thought-provoking work yet. Author keywords: Disney, animation, Pixar