Brand Me: The role of digital marketers building a digital personal brand for Mexican millennials

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Salero Narváez, Hotencia
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Dublin Business School
This study aims to understand the role of digital marketers in building a successful digital personal brand for Mexico City's millennial generation. A mixed method was chosen to analyse two sides of demand for this consulting service: the millennial generation as clients and digital marketers as possible providers. Two semi-structured interviews were conducted with a marketing expert and a personal image consultant, and a public survey was sent to 123 volunteers. The results showed that Mexican millennials care about their digital personal brand and reputation for professional and social purposes but would not pay an expert to manage it. In conclusion, digital marketers can contribute with these key points: provide a clear communication strategy to anyone prepared to pay for the service; inform that congruency between online and offline personal profiles are prime objectives of the digital branding process; and educate people about the rewards that hiring marketers has.