Gratitude reflection : its effect on levels of gratitude, happiness and materialism among third level students

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Zekanovic, Lia
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this true experiment, is to examine the effects of momentary gratitude reflection among third level students, on levels of gratitude, materialism and happiness. A between participant’s design was implemented. The control group’s (n= 32) task involved completing a word search containing non emotive words and the experimental group’s (n= 27) task involved participating in a gratitude reflection intervention; both part time (n= 27) and full time (n= 32) students were recruited from Dublin Business School. Both tasks took ten minutes. Afterwards participants completed a questionnaire booklet containing the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, the Short-Form GRAT questionnaire and the Material Value Scales. The sole significant result found that the control group was happier than the experimental group. Results obtained conflicted with prior research. The study explored its strengths and limitations. It was concluded that statistically non significant does not equal psychological non significance. Suggestions for further directions were discussed. Author keywords: Gratitude intervention, gratitude, materialism, happiness