Ethical Business Effect on Consumers Purchase Decision

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Valdez, Tania
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Dublin Business School
The research aim of this study is to analyse the influence of ethical business of the purchase decision of the consumer. The methodology of the research was quantitative and was conducted using a Survey method. An online and self-administered questionnaire of 22 items with attitudinal statements was utilized to collect the primary data. The response sample included one hundred and eighteen respondents (118). Three hypotheses were created to help answer the research question, all of them were statistically significant (p <.001). Based on the findings, the study reached to the conclusion that business ethics have a strong impact and access to information about corporation have a strong impact on the consumer purchase decision. However, price and quality were found to be factors that could prevent ethical consumption. All in all, it is generally concluded that if an organization behaves ethically, it will have a significant impact on consumer purchasing decisions.