The scope of cloud farming in Ireland

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Variyamparambath, Jithin Das
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MBA in Cloud Computing
Dublin Business School
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The development in information technology had already influenced the different sectors and its impact on agriculture is termed as smart agriculture. The budding technologies like Big Data, machine learning with cloud computing extended the scope of smart farming which also called smart cloud farming. Smart farming is widely used in developed countries like USA, Europe Australia etc and developing countries like Israel, China, India etc. However, the adoption of this technology depends on factors like age, sex, geographic region, culture etc. Ireland had a slow growth towards smart farming despite of its great potential of being a technical hub and great agricultural dominant country. This literature review discusses about smart farming technologies and its embracement in different countries. Traditional farming is now in a transforming stage to Smart Farming. Smart Farming Technology helps farmers to increase yield and efficiency. Ireland is an agriculture-dominated country and also one of the technology hubs in Europe. It is necessary to understand the opinion of farmers before implementing any technology in agriculture. To understand the influence of Smart Farming in Ireland, a study is needed to understand the attitude and perspective of Irish farmers towards using Smart Farming Technology like Cloud Computing. The study also compares Ireland with the adoption of other countries and will suggest a way to improve from the present system. The research will be helpful for Agro-Tech companies, government, and researchers The research followed mixed method. Data collected through survey and interview helped to find insight about reason for slow adoption of Irish farmers and compared it with other countries. It also helped to find the perception difference between farmers towards using Cloud Computing technology in their farm. The old farmers showed reluctance to using new technology but the adoption rate is good among the young farmers. Research helped to recognize the limiting factor and way to improve the adoption among farmers. The research also helped to find out the medium through which farmers can be strongly influenced. All the results are based on the data collected and conclusion made.