Ireland as a new destiny for Brazilian nurses

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Martins da Silva, Thais
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of the research topic is to evaluate the motivations that would drive Brazilian nurses to immigrate to Ireland for working. The focus are Brazilian nurses in general, registered, technicians and assistants, who live in Brazil or not. This group of professionals already shows interest on working in Ireland since the researcher have contacted some of them in her recruitment project. However, there are barriers such as language which need to be overcome, and for that there is a need of understanding the motivation behind the desire of immigrate to Ireland and what are the expectations and fears. Despite of the experience of Ireland in recruiting international nurses, Brazilian nurses need different strategies, since they don’t speak enough English in general and they are not aware of the opportunities. The research strategy used in this study is the quantitative method, sampling size of 126 people. The nurses were approached by Facebook groups, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. The aspects explored was the drivers of immigration for Brazilian nurses, hesitation factors, adaptation challenges, English level, work experience, the economic situation of Brazil and Ireland and the nursing sector in each country among others. This research will provide valuable information regarding the profile of nurses from Brazil and strategies of approach for this specific public.