Importance of combatting cybercrime and having a cybersecurity framework in place from an Irish perspective

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Mulhall, Philip
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MSc in Financial Technology
Dublin Business School
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Cybersecurity has come to the fore in recent years due to the impact cyber-fraud has had on the world’s increasingly digitized environment. The introduction of the internet has provided criminals with an online platform to carry out cyber-attacks, by compromising computers and information systems from anywhere in the world. The focus of this research is to emphasize the importance of having cybersecurity frameworks in place while also questioning if cybercrime can be combatted effectively here in Ireland. This study will include investigating existing cybersecurity frameworks and EU legislation with the literature review. Interviews will be conducted with FinTech professionals to support this topic, its significance and assist with the data analysis. The study will conclude with the creation of a cybersecurity framework (project artefact) relevant to Ireland and presented to Irish authorities with an objective of addressing cybersecurity issues while recognizing the true value that this solution could potentially provide.