Digital editing systems and their impact on the media industry

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O'Leary, Keith
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BA (Hons) Business Information Management
Portobello College
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It is the objective of this dissertation to provide an introduction to digital editing systems and their impact on the media industry. I hope that at the end of this dissertation the reader will have a clear and concise understanding of what exactly digital editing systems are, how are they used and the various industry standard systems which are in abundance in today's increasingly dynamic media industry. I will present a number of real life scenarios taken from reports written by various experts in this field which will without a shadow of a doubt enhance the readers comprehension of this topic of research. I have chosen Avid Technology as the multinational company alongside which to base my research due to a number of reasons, the most important one being that Avid Technology have developed a wide range of digital editing systems which are 'often copied yet never equaled'. They are the market leaders, and in the media industry jf you are serious about producing a masterpiece blockbuster movie or documentary? You have got to use an Avid system as many experts agree. This implication will become evident to the reader as you progress through my dissertation.