Influence and management of multicultural stakeholders in a global construction project

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Miriyala, Nivesh
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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This research aims to address the project management issues caused by multicultural stakeholders; the benefits of adopting different stakeholder management strategies; and provide usable advice for project managers on how to overcome the project management challenges due to multicultural stakeholders in a global construction project. A mixed methodology has been used to confirm or contend the secondary research findings. A quantitative approach was taken to confirm the findings from the literature review and then a qualitative approach was applied to gain a deeper understanding from reliable sources. A total of 97 respondents participated in three surveys; survey – 1 focused on the project management professionals from various industries, survey – 2 focused on construction workers in Ireland, and survey – 3 focused on construction project management professionals. Three interviews were conducted with construction project management professionals involved in global construction projects belonging to different cultural categories as per the Lewis model. The findings from the surveys and interviews were then compared with the findings from the literature review with respect to stakeholder management strategies, the Lewis model of cultural categories and the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions model in the discussion chapter. The findings are not all in concordance with the characteristics of the Lewis model and the Hofstede’s model. There are certainly a few generalized characteristics of certain cultures; however, it cannot be taken as the absolute basis to judge stakeholders from certain cultures.