Retail workers: Demographic Influences on Job and Life Satisfactions, Work-Life Conflict, Perceived Stress and Wellbeing.

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O’Leary, Christine
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This study aimed to determine the levels of and perhaps relationship, if any, between job satisfaction, life satisfaction, work-life conflict, perceived stress and wellbeing in retail workers in Ireland. The study also aimed to investigate the possible influence of demographic variables such as gender and age. A self-developed online questionnaire using standardised measurement scales was distributed to colleagues and employees of McCabes Pharmacy. One hundred questionnaires were completed (75 female participants and 25 male participants). A mixed method; specifically a quantitative, mixed quasi-experimental, within subjects, correlational research design was used. The overall results reported a substantial higher level of Work-Life Conflict than Life-Work conflict among retail workers in Ireland. Analysis showed the demographic variable gender had a significant difference on both Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction however the male or female factor showed no significant difference in relation to Life Satisfaction, Perceived Stress and Wellbeing. Perceived Stress noted a statistical significance among the demographic variable of age. The current study revealed a positive correlation between Job and Life Satisfactions and Wellbeing and Work-Life Balance. A negative correlation between Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction, Work-Life Balance and Life Satisfaction, and Life-Satisfaction and Wellbeing, was also discovered. Regression analysis revealed that only Job Satisfaction was a significant predictor of Work-Life Balance. Author Keywords:Retail Industry, Job Satisfaction, Life Satisfaction, General Wellbeing, Perceived Stress, Work-Life Conflict, Demographic Variables, Gender, Age, Ireland.