Prosocial personality, perceived empathic self-efficacy and principle of care in volunteer in Irish society

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Thompson, Lauren
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The present research aimed to examine differences on scores of the moral principle, the principle of care across three voluntary status groups, and to investigate the relationship of prosocial personality variables to new concepts in helping behaviour. Measures for a two-dimensional prosocial personality, the principle of care and a perceived empathic self-efficacy scale were applied to 143 participants. There was no significant difference on scores of principal of care across the three groups. The hypotheses postulating that there will be a significant correlation between helpfulness and perceived empathic self-efficacy: and other-orientated empathy and principle of care were both supported which is conclusive with previous research. Further analysis between the variables yielded significant results; implications for future research are discussed. Author keywords: prosocialilty, self-efficacy, principle of care, helping