An examination of organisational communication

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Donoghue, Aoife
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management
Portobello College
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Communication is used in many different forms all over the world, the methods in everyday life can be spontaneous and adapted for the situations that people are faced with. The reality is however that organisational communication needs to be structured and planned if it is to be effective. The purpose of this research project is to discuss the area of communication in an organisational context and in particular the area of employee attitude surveys as method of upward communication. Research indicates that a conclusive connection can be made between good communication systems and high performance within an organization. The methods of communication should be selected to best suit the needs of the organization and these methods are described in chapter 2 of this project along with the advancements that have been made in communication methods. These advances in technology should not be under estimated since they have been revamping the traditional methods of organisational communication for decades. Irish employee communication systems are described in the third chapter along with samples of communications policies that have been adapted by Irish companies, who have recognised the importance of establishing such policies. The barriers to effective communication that can lead organisational problems as stated by AI Reis, chairman of Trout and Ries Advertising Inc, communication itself is the problem. we have become the world's first over communicated society, each year we send more and receive less. In order to avoid such problems the barriers to successful communication must be understood and overcome. Chapter 4 deals with the area of employee attitude surveys as a method of communication and how this method has been transferred into the organisational environment of two companies, is also discussed. Employee attitude surveys have been around for decades but are becoming more popular since employers have recognised that the workforce is a valuable resource and for them to remain at ease within the company, good communication practices should be adopted.