Adaptability of internet banking in Haryana State of India

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Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this research is to find out the three main reasons about the low adoptability of internet banking in the villages of Haryana state in India. Here researcher consider the seven basic reason of low adoptability of internet banking such as 1) high rate of illiteracy, 2) fear of fraud, 3) unable to afford cost of internet, 4) lack of awareness about internet banking, 5) languages barriers, 6) unavailability of internet network connection and 7) unbanked villages. For understanding the internet banking appropriately, all factors effecting internet banking in India are studied well such as social factor, legal factor, economical factor, knowledge level etc. For this study survey is choose as primary method for collecting data and random sampling. The research also presents the several researches about the customer perception towards the use of Internet banking and factors effecting internet banking. With the help of survey three main reasons of Haryana has been find out from seven general reasons in all over India. Those three reasons are lack of awareness, unbanked villages and fear of fraud. Furthermore, internet banking has some advantages and disadvantages due to the some disadvantages it has low adoptability. Nowadays, internet banking is becoming popular because of the continuous struggle of government and banks. Author keywords: e-banking, net-banking in Haryana