Corporate Social Responsibility in Ireland. How are organisations addressing the growing importance of the adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and practices in Ireland? A case study of Irish companies

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Clarke, Stephen
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to gain high regard and has become a popular research stream in business and management. It is becoming an even more important area of business as organisations power, size and influence increases and demands and expectations from all stakeholders and the wider society increase also. Firstly, this paper attempts to clarify and provide a better understanding of the key reasons that drive the approach to CSR that is taken by an organisation through an extensive review of the literature focused in on these issues. The paper then looks specifically at approaches to CSR in Ireland, an area where there is a need for greater research given its vast growth and continual integration into the operations and activities of Irish businesses. This is done through a case study analysis of three significant Irish companies spanning three different industries. The research conducted found similarities in approaches related to the current literature but also that it is clear that CSR is becoming increasingly important to the strategic operations of Irish companies for several reasons. It also finds that approaches to CSR are largely influenced by the type of organisation it is and the industry which it operates in and this is a primary reason why finding universally accepted and agreed upon definitions, approaches, standards, best practice etc. has been so difficult. Author Key words: Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, approaches, Ireland, Irish companies , practices, strategies, activities, social, stakeholders