“How are you feeling?” Emotion AI and its Applications in Marketing

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Neco de Sousa, Amanda
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Dublin Business School
The relationship between emotions and behaviour is explored in different fields of academic research. In marketing, several studies analyse how this human phenomenon impacts purchase decision. In the digital era, a technology emerges to play the role of understand and respond to human emotions: Emotion AI, a subset of Artificial Intelligence designed to identify, recognize, and respond to different emotions has been developed and applied in different segments, including online marketing. There is limited academic research about the perception of Emotion AI among Millennial’s, the generation known as digital native. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the perceptions of this generation about Emotion AI. To reach this goal, an online survey was distributed across different platforms targeting people aged between 25 and 40 years old (millennials age group). Whilst the results found a significant level of awareness about Emotion AI, it also revealed a lack of comfort about the use of this technology even among high internet users. This apparent contradiction is one of the recommendations for future research.