The Bookshelf Publishing Unit – MOOCs and digital textbooks – at OsloMet University

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Høivik, Helge
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OsloMet University
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We conceptualize strategic university development with reference to the three dimensions (1) knowledge domains, (2) organized study and research programs and (3) virtualization. The university libraries position themselves within this matrix. They do not only provide and curate subject matter as such. They also publish materials and support study programs in physical and virtual space. Bokskapet (The Book Shelf) at Oslo Metropolitan University is a publishing unit with some similarities and many differences when compared to traditional publishing houses. Initially established as a project in 2013, it has now published 25 MOOC titles on the Open edX platform with an outreach of 5.000 enrollments with students from the whole country as well as a lively Editors Association. Bokskapet is a particular configuration with five main elements and combine with other units inside and outside the library to pursue its publication goals. These elements are: Virtualized production environments using cloud-based resources; A growing set of MOOC and ePub titles using the Creative Commons’ Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license; A repository of discrete digital components (learning objects) like short videos and animations, interactive questions and face-to-face interaction scripts; Multimedia production equipment; Organized editorial and publication work principles based on the Network organizational and Action Learning. Main challenges are: A skewed balance between research and digital textbook development in the academic career system: Deficient digital media experience within the faculty in terms of technical and rhetorical prowess; The continued dominance of traditional pedagogical and organizational models in academia. Bokskapet has achieved some success in overcoming these obstacles.