A study of how to increase revenues among league of Ireland football clubs through marketing activities

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Manley, Johnathan
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MSc Marketing with Digital Media
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this thesis is to find out how League of Ireland football clubs can increase their revenues through marketing activities. The paper contains a literature review which includes concepts such as the football brand, brand equity within sport, stakeholders within football and the revenue model for European football clubs. Also a general discussion about sport marketing and the complexity of the sport product is also provided within the literature review. To answer the main research question, interviews with three board members of three individual League of Ireland clubs have been conducted. In addition to this two other interviews with persons associated with the League of Ireland have also been conducted. The research has identified important insights into the League of Ireland and a revenue model for the clubs within the league has been created. Recommendations have also been provided with a view to help maximise the clubs revenue streams. Author Keywords: League of Ireland football clubs, marketing activities, brand equity, supporters, investors, sponsors, revenue model for football clubs