Managing diversity and the opportunities for candidate dependent on work visas in Ireland

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Feitosa Ribeiro, Ana Cecilia
Issue Date
MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Knowing that there are a lot of immigrants coming to Ireland, and even starting their professional career in the Irish industries, this research main objective is to really understand the actual Irish labour market, and how it has attracted immigrants to Ireland. More specifically, this study sought to understand how immigrants have contributed for the organisations in Ireland to overcome the shortage of skills, linked to the benefits that having a multicultural work environment helps to improve the production and the overall organisation performance. With so many theories about managing diversity, the study was based on pre-existent information to guide the collection of primary data. First of all the population chosen was HR professionals that are currently working in Ireland to participate in a semi-structured interview. The study then found that indeed some sectors are being more challenged during the search for suitable candidates that possess specific skills. IT, nursing, food and drink, pharmacy and finance were they main sectors brought by the respondents, as the most challenging ones. And besides, training and constantly developing the staff they already have, hiring from overseas is another strategy to overcome the lack of talented professionals. However, what it came that was new for this project, is that some organisations in Ireland are no longer recruiting staff by their nationality or age, or any other discriminatory profile, but instead they value more the skills that the candidate can bring to collaborate with projects. Obviously, for being an immigrant, a process of work visa application has to be gone through, but that hasn’t been a big concern for the professionals that have an experience with it.