Generation Y and management. A contemporary study

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Gustavsson, Susanna
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BA (Hons) in Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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This is an investigating research and the context of this research is Generation Y and Management. The research is dived up into three main objectives to help define Generation Y from a management perspective. It also aims to prove the hypothesis "Generation Y workers respond to flexible working arrangements, individual consideration in management and more direct communication". To do so secondary information has been gathered and summarised in a literature review and a primary research has been performed by author. Generation Y is a contemporary topic and the conclusions of this research is intended to provide help and guidance in introducing them to the work life. Generation Y is a confident workforce that requires high maintains and has high demands on their employer. They are tech savvy and flexible to change in their environment. Their relationship with their manager is essential for success and they are used to constant feedback for their accomplishments. They have a need to feel appreciated and strive for recognition. The information conduct is fully stated in findings and analysis and a deeper insight together with the author's thoughts is given in the conclusions. Additionally the author recommends further research in more specific areas.