A Critical Analysis of Targeted Advertising on Social Media in the Irish Market

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Farrugia, Manon
Issue Date
MSc in Digital Marketing
Dublin Business School
This study aims to analyze the impact of targeted on social media platforms in the Irish Market. A quantitative approach has been chosen to focus on the user’s experience of targeted advertising on social media: if it helps them buying products, how do they feel about targeted ads, and if they are concerned about their data privacy regarding the social media algorithms. A questionnaire was sent to 97 participants. The results showed that personalized ads can lead social media users to purchase products or brands they didn’t know before, and they would recommend to a friend. The results also highlighted that social media users care about their data and the use of personal data to tailor personalized ads on social media. In conclusion, using personalized ads can lead companies to increase their brand awareness, engagement, purchase, and brand loyalty from customers.