Factors that influence informal learning and performance within the context of a professional organisation

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Lee-Gorman, Marce
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MA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
Learning is generally perceived as a way to enhance employees' work performance. Limited research has been conducted to explore the relationship between organisational learning activities, conditions, and performance. Therefore, a mixed method approach was used to investigate factors that influence informal learning and performance in a professional organisation. The research found that two comparison groups within the organisation differed markedly in how they perceive their workplace as learning environments. However, all groups seemed to agree that interaction with co-workers are central to employee learning and the key factors that influence employee learning and performance fell broadly into two categories: interactive; and independent learning activities. A comprehensive framework of learning activities, organisational conditions and factors were developed and investigated. This dissertation attempts to bring some coherence to the study of informal learning by identifying and categorising key factors influencing employee learning. Key words: Workplace learning, Professional employees, Performance improvement.