An exploratory study of peer group influence : how young Indian women choose the clothes that they buy

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Marwaha, Abishek
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this research study is to explore the concept of peer group influence as a socio-psychological factor behind the behaviour of consumers in the field of marketing, which is now well integrated with the field of psychology. The researcher has come in terms with various different arguments and elements that different authors have proposed to exist behind the concept of peer group influence. The research involves primary as well as secondary research, followed by an analysis of the interviews conducted during the course of this research. Firstly, the researcher has explored the various bases of peer group influence that exists, critically evaluated the literature that exists from the past and explored different arguments. Post that, various research methods and designs available were evaluated and the researcher chose to conduct the research using a subjective-deductive approach using qualitative interviews on young Indian women to test the knowledge explored from the literature. Results of the research show that: • Peer Group Influence can be related to an array of different factors that in a sociopsychological way influences the consumer behaviour. • Peer Group Influence is pivotal in case of young women when they engage in purchasing fashion apparels. • Peer Group Influence not only drives the need to conform and fit in, but also drives the need to maintain the social identity and peer group memberships. This value of this research is that it provides knowledge to marketers and academicians about how far the concept of peer influence has been studied and explored so far. It also gives an insight into how consumers from collectivist societies such as an Indian society, who are now under the light of globalisation and are turning individualistic, are affected by their peers. Author keywords: Consumer behaviour, peer group influence.