The reading list challenge : implementing Loughborough Online Reading List Software (LORLS)

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Brewerton, Gary
O'Neill, Marie
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Dublin Business School
This presentation explores the importance of reading lists in the higher education sector asserting that they are integral in transitioning students from ‘dependent to autonomous learners.’ The presentation opens by exploring reasons why reading lists are not afforded the importance that they should be within the higher education sector. The key benefits of reading lists for students, academics and librarians are elucidated. The presentation suggests that paper reading lists are incongruous with today’s digital learning environment. The role of reading list software in transforming paper reading lists into a ‘scaffolded learning experience’ is explored. DBS Library’s collaboration with Loughborough University regarding their open source reading list management system LORLS is discussed. Business case construction and implementation of LORLS software at DBS is elaborated upon. The history and features of LORLS software are outlined. The presentation concludes with a discussion of the positives that have arisen from the Loughborough-DBS Library collaboration.