How the “Brexit” debates and outcome impacted Irish agriculture

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Matoso, Juliana
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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The Brexit vote in the UK raised doubts and uncertainties across all of the European Union and especially the Irish agri-food sector, which exports over 41% of its products to the UK. In this study we will explain that the Brexit brings an uncertainty that affects decision making. Agri-food business owners are not completely aware of how this event can affect their business and what they can do to be prepared to face it. Through interviews we will be able to demonstrate that the Irish farmers need to be more proactive and could use some guidance. In this dissertation we will show how the results of this referendum could open up new opportunities for Irish farmers. These findings are important because it is the first step to a broader understanding of the management of risk for businesses in the face of similar events. The strategies suggested by our findings could be extended to more industries and applied to other future events. Author keywords: Brexit, agriculture, risks, decisions, agri-foods, Irish exports, economic event