Consumer Attitude towards celebrity endorsements on Social Media

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Jatto, Oluwafunmito
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MBA in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Since the inception of social media, it has been widely adopted by users of various demographics around the globe. Celebrities are among those that have adopted social media as a means of communicating and interacting with their brands (Stever and Lawson, 2013). These platforms also provide a way for celebrities to promote different products to their fans. From a review of the literature, a limited number of studies aimed to determine the factors that influence the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements on social media (Bright and Cunningham, 2012). However, these studies were focused specifically on one social media (Jin and Phua, 2014) and/or one particular group of celebrities (athletes as in Cunningham and Bright, 2012). Hence, the intent of this research is to study, using a quantitative approach, the effects of celebrity endorsements on social media on the fans of the celebrity endorsers and to identify some of the factors that are critical to a successful celebrity endorsement campaign on social media. This study employed the survey method through questionnaires to gather information from the participants. The questionnaire was designed and distributed through an online platform, SurveyGizmo. Data was collated and exported directly from SurveyGizmo to SPSS for analysis. Using descriptive and inferential statistics, findings showed that credibility and trustworthiness are important source characteristics for celebrity endorsements to be successful on social media. The results were also positive for consumer attitude towards celebrity endorsements on social media as this study concludes that following a celebrity on social media has a positive effect on brand awareness, brand image and purchase intention. Author keywords: Celebrity Endorsements, social media, consumer attitudes