Building trust within global and dispersed teams at Cisco Capital

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Brophy, Megan
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MA in Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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The use of global and dispersed teams within organizational structures is on the rise. This trend brings with it additional difficulties for managers of such teams. One of the most essential features of any successful team is the existence of trust. However trust is something that is characteristically difficult to build amongst a group of people who never or rarely physically see each other. This research is a detailed investigation into how managers are able to build trust within their global and dispersed teams. A case study of employees and managers of such teams at Cisco Capital during July 2009 was used to do this. The results of interviews and questionnaires found that a trusting environment does exist. A number of trust building techniques have been used to show how managers go about building trust from a distance. The study illustrates the link between communication and trust and also shows the usage of communication tools within the organization. Recommendations are given to sustain the trust that has already been built and to encourage even more trusting behaviours throughout the organization. The findings of this research highlight the steps that work as well as the areas for improvement in the development of trust within global teams which can apply to many organizations.